A Centralised, Low-Code API Management Solution

A Centralised, Low-Code API Management Solution

Manage APIs from different providers on one platform

Smart Connect is an API hub that provides a standard interface for the product integrators to interact with different API service providers. It helps payment management systems of banks and money remittance firms integrate APIs from different providers. This highly configurable solution helps you create a centralised API mapping system for your own organisation to route, compose and translate requests in addition to the existing built-in APIs like MoneyGram, Western Union, Yes Bank, EEC (European Economic Community) and many more.

Smart Connect is for you if you are...

Any firm in the payments business that needs to connect to other banks and financial institution partners to execute financial transactions.

Interact with different API service providers on one platform

Efficient API Management

Smart Connect can manage all the APIs subscribed by your organisation, even specific API headers like certificates and authorization headers.


Smart Connect configuration interface can help you configure APIs from various service providers. It allows you to configure both SOAP and Rest APIs.

High Access Security and Processing Protocol

Smart Connect will assign a unique code and access token to you. All API requests will be authenticated against this security detail. Smart Connect will also check the IPs from where requests are initiated, validate requests with Data Incognito to check if they have been tampered with, and only then processes requests.

Map Methods and Parameters

You can map the methods and parameters of your organisation to those in the Smart Connect package and define a package for a set of different combinations of the service provider API to form a common request/response contract.

Smart Data Management

Smart Connect can store data offline on behalf of your provider and serve you if there is no real-time method to fetch data like country list, city list etc.

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