An Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance Solution

An Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance Solution

An Anti-Money Laundering Solution Fit For Finance Companies

iShield is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that helps in risk assessment of individual clients, real-time screening against various official sanctions list and compliance monitoring. This solution, with its comprehensive data-driven technology, enhances an organization’s ability to verify identities, identify high-risk individuals and organizations, prevent fraud and stay compliant with regulations.
iShield helps organizations complete the full AML cycle, from identifying a suspicious individual or organization to doing further analysis and finally reporting the information to statutory authorities.

ishield is for you if you are...

A Financial Institution providing remittance, money exchange or payment services to individual clients.

Any organization that requires AML and KYC compliance checks for its clients.

Simplify AML/KYC Compliance With Ishield

Key Compliance and KYC Information

You can access content and information for compliance monitoring, risk assessment and management and enhanced due diligence for Know your Customer (KYC) norms.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

On iShield you can analyse your clients and assess the risk of individual clients based on your company’s risk appetite. You can also monitor them on an ongoing basis and audit them periodically.


Verify and document their identities and assess the risk of individual customers on iShield. On iShield you can also acquire additional information from your clients on their identities, source of funds, purpose of transaction, etc.

Real-Time Transaction Screening

iShield can help you screen transactions on real-time basis. The solution comes with various screening lists configured and auto-updated in the system.


iShield is designed with dynamic organizations in mind. So you can avail high-level of customization in the solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Rules Configuration

iShield gives you the ability to configure pre and post transaction rules according to the needs of your company. The feature is flexible in nature and you can modify the rules according to your company requirements.

Customizable Reporting Templates

iShield allows you to create your own templates and generate detailed and customized reports.

Alerts, Suspicious Transactions & Logs

Configure iShield to alert you with compliance and risk events, enable Suspicious Transactions Reporting as per country and industry standards, and get granularized logs with details of rules processed.

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