The International Money
Transfer Solution

The International Money
Transfer Solution

A multi-currency, multi-location & multi-agent solution for money transfer management

RemitIMTS (International Money Transfer Solution) is a web-based, multi-currency, multilingual and multiregional money transfer solution for banks and financial institutions. The solution can integrate with any core banking or financial platform used by correspondent or other non-banking financial partners and enables you to register multiple agents and sub-agents operating in different global locations, maintain their information centrally and utilise their services for international money transfers.

RemitIMTS is for you if you are...

A Money transfer company with multiple agents & sub-agent locations that operate in the online money transfer sector and has multiple branches

A Bank that provides money transfer service to its customers via its physical locations

Manage your money transfer service seamlessly with RemitIMTS

Your Global

You can configure any number of agents and sub-agents in a multi-currency system according to the local rules and regulations of their respective geographies. The agents can also set up their commission, service charges and cost rates with their markups in multiple currencies.

Any number of sub-agents can be configured under a registered agent. The sub-agents can define their payout according to their respective locations.

Manage Multi-Country, Multi-Currency Money Transfers

On RemitIMTS, you can manage money transfers in multiple currencies and across various country-pairs in your global agent network. You also get the option to choose a language according to the region your agents and sub-agents operate in.

Manage Financial
and Accounting

With RemitIMTS, you will get a built-in financial and accounting management system with multi-currency support, real-time transaction updates, trial balance and statement generation which shows the financial position of each of your agents and sub-agents.

Manage Workflows Effectively

On RemitIMTS you can outline different workflows based on your business processes, including maker checker on critical master data, data transmission, and cancellations.

Manage Inward Payments

RemitIMTS help you manage your inward payments efficiently. regardless of originating channels, hosting modules and methods of transfer.

Setup FX Rate In an organised system

RemitIMTS gives you the flexibility to set up FX Rates according to currency pairs and customized as per the locations of agents and sub-agents. You can set up the rates in multiple currencies based on the remittance corridors provided.

Generate Standard Reports Per Industry and Country Standards

RemitIMTS generates a wide variety of reports for agents, agent locations and banks. It also supports reports in multiple file formats such as XML, CSV and text files

RemitIMTS Is Packed With Several Efficiency-Enhancing Features

Built-In Multilingual Deployment

Configure a translation toolkit and work in any language.

Supports all Modes of Remittance

Manage transactions regardless of their originating channels, hosting modules and methods of transfer.

Personalized Dashboard

Access your frequently used metrics and functions on a single console.

Built-In Internationalization

Get updated data of countries, currencies, international banks, branches, SWIFT, BIC, IFSC lists.

Integrated AML Solution

Get tools for client KYC, AML and due diligence built within the system.


Automate your processes to eliminate manual tasks and increase turnaround efficiencies.

Standard-Based Architecture

RemitIMTS has a multi-tier architecture with distinct presentation, business and database layers.

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