A SWIFT messaging solution

A SWIFT messaging solution

A SWIFT Messaging Solution With Creating, Verifying And Authorizing Functions

In the payments business, the importance of a secure, reliable and scalable network for the smooth movement of messages is second to none. Designed for banks and other financial institutions, Prolink is a SWIFT message management solution equipped with creation, modification, authorization, reconciliation, matching, archiving, routing and local systems integration functions.

Prolink is for you if you are...

A financial institution that is connected to the SWIFT International Payment Network

A financial institution planning for a smooth ISO 20022 migration

A financial institution , willing to increase STP rates and reduce operational costs

A bank, willing to utilize GPI and offer enhanced cross-border payments experience to your customers

A bank , willing to take proper course of action to follow SWIFT mandates to build a seamless payments and securities processing platform

Unify And Centralize All Payment Networks And Messaging Data Onto A Single, Easy-To-Use Platform

Central Repository
of Messaging

Prolink stores your institution’s enormous wealth of data in a central repository and enables you to search and display live messages and imported archives.

Easy integration with core banking or payments system

You can integrate your core banking or payments system with Prolink and SWIFT Alliance Access through MQSeries, AFT (with LAU) or APIs. This feature supports translation between different payment infrastructures, systems, and messaging formats.

Payment Tracking through SWIFT

Track the status of your payment, delivery date and the final amount of the payment with the help of gpi tracker enabled in the tool. You can expose this information to your customers by using APIs.

Universal Confirmations

Prolink comes with a supporting system to automate Payment Confirmations. Without any integration or change on your existing flow, Prolink mimics the payment handling flow of the bank by matching MT copies and applying business workflow in line with Universal Confirmations rulebook

ISO 20022 Migration Accelerator

Prolink includes 200+ out-of-the-box translations based on the SWIFT translation rules. It is especially suited to accelerate and simplify the migration to the SWIFT MX standard (ISO 20022) by implementing translation rules to convert MT messages into its analogous MX version, and vice-versa.

Smart Auditing and Reporting

Prolink enables enterprise-wide reconciliation of forex, securities, etc. and generation of sophisticated audit reports. You can generate the reports in standard report templates and have the option to export to excel or Pdf.

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