The Inward Remittance
Management Solution

The Inward Remittance Management Solution

A Multi-Currency Inward Remittance Solution That Can Integrate With Any Core Banking System

Inpay is a web-based, multi-currency inward remittance gateway solution. An interface between the remitting partners and core banking solutions, Inpay allows your partners and agents to exchange payment information with you using various methods - file upload, API, remittance interface, MTO Transfers, SWIFT, FTP push, etc. Inpay converts the transaction data received into a common format and routes the transactions to your core banking system and designated channels including RTGS, and other payment channels.

Inpay is for you if you are...

A Bank or a Non-Bank Financial Institution that receives inward remittances, either international or domestic, from partners or agents via a multitude of methods.

Have Your Inward Remittances Managed Seamlessly

A Middleware Solution For All Inward Remittance Business Process Flows

Inpay gives you utmost configurability and features that help you with approval limits, compliance pre-monitoring, message forwarding, generation of outward SWIFT messages, updating of information to SWIFT gpi, fund management and validations, integration with the core banking system, currency conversions, single-window unification on MTO inward, remittance retrievals using MTN numbers and others.

Manage Your local
And Global
Agent Network

You can configure any number of partners in a multi-currency system according to the local rules and regulations of their respective countries. Comprehensive Management of the partners including the limits and approvals can be managed by Inpay based on your business requirements.


You can set up various parameters for your inward payments on Inpay, including currency rates, commissions for partners and agents, bank charges, deduction modes, services etc.

Setup FX Rate In An Organised System

Inpay gives you the flexibility to set up FX Rates according to currency pairs and locations of your partners. You can set up the rates in multiple currencies according to the services provided.

Inpay Is Easy To Integrate And Simple To Setup

Minimum Investment in IT Infrastructure


Single Server

Minimum staff

Inpay Is Packed With Several Efficiency-Enhancing Features

Interface With Fund Transfer Systems

Inpay interfaces with RemitIMTS and other web-based fund transfer systems for inward remittances to banks.

Supports all Modes of Remittance

Manage remittances regardless of their originating channels, hosting modules and methods of transfer.

Built-In Multilingual Deployment

Configure a translation toolkit and work in any language.

Personalized Dashboard

Access your frequently used metrics and functions on a single console

Built-In Internationalization

Get updated data of countries, currencies, international banks, branches, SWIFT, BIC, IFSC lists.


Automate your manual processes to reduce turnaround time and have better output.

Standards-Based Architecture

Inpay has a multi-tier architecture and is scaled to handle high volumes of payments.

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