The AML & Compliance Management Solution

The AML & Compliance Management Solution

An Enterprise-Level Solution For Managing All AML And Compliance Functions

Edge is a comprehensive, enterprise-level risk management software that has everything you need to manage all your AML and compliance functions for business clients. From KYC, AML detection to reporting and even staff training. Edge is designed for banks, non-banking financial companies and other organizations to enable efficient AML processes and risk management functions for their corporate clients.

Edge is for you if you are...

A Banking or a Non-Banking Financial Institution serving business clients.

A Organization that requires AML and KYC compliance checks for its corporate clients.

Simplify Your Compliance Management Process With One Comprehensive Solution

Automated KYC & Client Onboarding

Onboard your clients in a simple and structured way and maintain their KYC information and documentation in a secured system. On Edge, you can categorize your clients according to their industry, line of business, country, and other KYC info with appropriate, case-specific risk safeguards and continuously monitor their information for KYC status, changes in company structures, and beneficial owners

Enhanced Client Due Diligence

We have taken client due diligence a step ahead. With an enhanced KYC process, Edge lets you obtain additional identifying information, enabling dynamic KYC so that you can examine your potential clients with greater scrutiny. You can also categorise your clients based on the associated risk factors. At the time of onboarding, screening of clients against the various sanction lists, adverse media and PEP list ensure that you are well aware of the potential risks involved with a client.


Besides enabling highly effective transaction monitoring, Edge also lets you customize your system for logical monitoring with 30+ inbuilt logical rules based on the source of funds, rapid movement of funds, high-risk countries, mismatch with customer profile, transaction amount & currency etc. With rules that can be built for both pre-payment processing and post-payment processing scenarios, Edge lets you screen each transaction before processing to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.

Risk Screening for Sanction, PEPs, Adverse Media

Make informed AML, risk & compliance decisions with real-time global coverage of Sanctions, PEPs, and Adverse Media. All the transactions are screened in real-time against all the standard lists available. It can also be customised to ensure compliance with your company’s internal policies and risk framework.

Data Management Is Seamless On Edge


Get quick access to useful data and information on major day-to-day activities like clients' onboarding status, transactions screened, screening in-progress, alerts, etc. This will allow you to avoid work backlogs and better prioritisation of the tasks at hand.

Flexible Phonetic Search Technology

Screen transaction details against a database with no mandatory search fields. Search is enabled not only for an exact and broad match but also phonetic "sounds like" match technology.

Analytics and Reporting

You can do various analyses on the transaction data with the help of our dynamic reporting features. You can fetch various reports of the customers like Behavioural analysis, Risk analysis, Transaction based analysis, etc. This will help the management to have a holistic view of the customer base and their current status.

Create Compliance Efficiency With A Well-Trained Team

AML, Compliance & Risk Management Training

The training module of Edge enables your compliance officers to create and conduct AML training for employees, maintain records of test results. They can also maintain training records comprising details of completed training, participants’ details, test results, training material, date and time of the training and compliance training certificates.

Outsource Your Compliance Processes

AML Transaction Monitoring

We can assess real-time activities of your clients for suspicious patterns, therefore preventing high-risk transactions as or before they can occur.

Transaction Due Diligence

Our team of experts can help you monitor your transactions and effectively identify suspicious transactions and report them to you.

KYC and Client Onboarding

Our compliance experts make the client onboarding procedure easy and effective by automating KYC questionnaires as per the risk category of your clients based on requirements like country, region, identity, products, line of business etc.

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