Process Services

Core Process Services

Outsourcing Services for Core Business Process Management

Our Core Process Services are provided by a team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of technology and business processes involved in global payments. The team will help you manage your core processes so that you can focus on the peripheral activities of your business. From conducting ongoing due diligence, meeting regulatory obligations, to maintaining seamless customer communication and improved service timeline – the team covers all payments and compliance processes.

Compliance Process Outsourcing

Our team of compliance experts ensure that you are fully compliant with government and industry regulations by constantly monitoring your organisation’s compliance status.

AML Transaction Monitoring

We can assess the real-time activities of your clients for suspicious patterns, therefore preventing high-risk transactions as or before they can occur.

Transaction Due Diligence

Our team of experts will help you monitor your transactions and effectively identify suspicious transactions and report them to you.

KYC and Client Onboarding

Our compliance experts and solutions make the client onboarding procedure easy and effective by automating the KYC questionnaire as per the risk category of your clients based on requirements like country, region, identity, products, line of business etc.

Payment Process Outsourcing

From transaction due diligence to certification, the complete payment process of your organisation is managed by our team of experts. Our process covers the following steps:

Transaction Due Diligence

Beneficiary Due Diligence

Additional Due Diligence of remitter, beneficiary and bank


Business Process Outsourcing

We carefully select and assign a team for you that comprises professionals with the ideal mix of domain knowledge and technical expertise. Our key service areas are:



Standardization & Automation of Processes

Back-Office Processing Services

We’ve created the ideal Customer Support Solution for you


We provide customer support services via voice, chat, and email to meet the changing demands of your customers and ensure they feel valued.


Our round-the-clock operations ensure an impressive turnaround-time that helps to maximize your business productivity and efficiency.

Scalability and Adaptability

With the growth of your business and that of your customer base, our team will scale up to meet the growing demands of your business.

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